Dirteeze Anti-Viral Surface Disinfectant Wipes (Tub 225)

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The Dirteeze quat-free wiping range comprises buckets, canisters and flowpacks. Fully BPR compliant, the range uses Dirteeze Trimax triple-layer blue non-woven wiping material giving maximum kill rates and no need to wash down surfaces after wiping. Ideal for cleaning and sanitising food preparation areas, work surfaces, stainless steel utensils and equipment. Perfect for use in Manufacturing, Catering, Hospitality, Education, and other Private and Public sectors.

Disinfects and sanitises all work surfaces and equipment• Use in catering and food production sectors • Ideal for cleaning and sanitising cookers, chopping boards, worktops, door handles, stainless steel, utensils, sinks, taps, fridges and freezers